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Toddler Program

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In 1980, the Concord Child Care Center began providing our Infant Toddler Program. Our program currently provides services to 24 toddlers. 

The Toddler Program provides an inclusive, nurturing environment that builds relationships with families and fosters attachment and security in children. To achieve these goals, we practice continuity of care whereby the children stay with the same teacher up to their transition to preschool services. Serving low-income families with young children through age 36 months, the Infant Toddler Program provides comprehensive education, nutrition, Early Head Start, parent involvement and social services.

Toddlers learn and develop when they are in a predictable environment and have an opportunity to anticipate and make choices throughout the day. Our center’s curriculum is based on reflective caregiving practices that are culturally and linguistically appropriate. Each child is encouraged to explore the language rich environment via activities such as water and sensory play, basic art mediums, picture books, and dramatic play. Primary caregivers take a playful approach when they interact with the children during routine care times; children are nurtured, held, and encouraged through positive support and guidance throughout the day. 


The Toddler Program:

  • Incorporates Primary Caregiving with an emphasis on Continuity of Care
  • Respects each child as an individual Offers interactions and activities that promote learning
  • Implements positive, developmentally supportive guidance
  • Provides nutritious meals including breakfast, lunch and PM snack.


Preschool Program

Additional Information

The Preschool/Head Start program provides Full-time childcare for 3 – 4 years old. Full day childcare requires that parent(s) must be working or attending school full-time. Concord Child Care Center preschool has followed California Department of Education, Child Development Division early learning standards since 1972. Additionally, we meet the National Early Learning Standards as a Head Start partner. Our Full-Day program serves 44 children and provides full day/full year childcare for parents who are working or in training. 

The Morning Preschool Program is a 3 hour morning program for four year olds and is open from late August through June, following Mount Diablo Unified School District's schedule. Concord Child Care Center started offering the Morning Preschool Program in 1991. This part-day program serves 40 children in their last year before Kindergarten entry.   The focus of the program is preparation for kindergarten.  Parents participate in the classroom with an emphasis on English language development and literacy.

We believe Preschool children are intrinsically curious. Through direct and focused observations, our Preschool Program teachers develop a curriculum that emerges from each child’s knowledge of the world around them. Language, literacy, math, science, art, music and movement, health and social studies are all interwoven into the curriculum. Friendships are an important part of growing up and this aspect of being a preschooler is fostered in continuative care groups. Our families and teachers, coming from rich cultural and linguistic backgrounds, promote respect and celebration of diversity.

The Preschool Programs:

  • Provide Continuity of Care
  • Focus on Social Skills
  • Offer Free choice of activities
  • Offer School Readiness Activities
  • Provide Art, Music, Science Activities
  • Provide a Large Outdoor Play Area
  • Serve Nutritious Meals and Snacks
  • Offer Local Field Trips
  • Provides nutritious meals including breakfast, lunch and PM snack.


School-Age Program

Additional Information

Concord Child Care Center School Age Program is for children in kindergarten through 1st/2nd grade. This program began in 1976 and currently serves up to 40 children. The environment includes a wide range of enrichment choices including experiences with a variety of art media, nature exploration, community awareness, indoor/outdoor games, community service, building projects, and drama/theater. We work to make our program feel like a second home for children to return to after the structure and stresses of the school day. There are many spaces for children to relax and read or do homework. 

Our program is inspired by children’s curiosity and natural inclination to learn through play. Teachers observe children’s play and listen carefully to children’s questions so they may support emergent projects and creations that come directly from the children instead of the teachers. In small group work teams and large group free choice activities, teachers provide invitations to the children on topics in which they express interest. Each child from Kindergarten through 2nd Grade receives individual attention in the relaxed but active environment, with attention given to social needs as well as homework. 

The School Age Program Offers

  • Recreational Activities
  • Nutritional Snacks
  • Homework Time
  • Field Trips
  • Positive Climates
  • A Summer Enrichment Program
  • Care for after school and days schools are closed
  • Provides nutritious meals including breakfast, lunch and PM snack.