High Quality Early Care and Education

Concord Child Care Center, Inc

About Us


Mission Statement

The mission of Concord Child Care Center, Inc. is to support children and families by providing high-quality early care and education. We are committed to forming partnerships with parents that empower their children to become confident, respectful, and capable individuals. We resolve to provide the foundation children need to begin their journey of life-long learning in a safe, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate environment.


Our Values

All young children should have the opportunity to learn and achieve in a high quality educational setting. 

Concord Child Care Center values children

  • their uniqueness and goodness and their right to feel included, secure, and respected.

Concord Child Care Center values families; 

  • their likenesses, individuality, and cultural diversity and their role as the primary teacher of their child.

Concord Child Care Center values early childhood educators;

  • their passion,  professionalism, and dedication to the ongoing improvement of education.

Concord   Child Care Center values community partners;

  • their caring and commitment to supporting the preservation of high-quality early education programs     and highly educated teaching professionals.


Our Philosophy Statement

Concord Child Care Center, Inc. practices a constructivist approach to child development and learning. We believe that children generate knowledge and meaning from interactions between their experiences and their ideas. We call this play-based learning where children’s interests and developmental goals are supported throughout the curriculum, daily routine, and environment.